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Mother's Day Words of Wisdom: Always Finding the Light

❤️Trigger alerts: Grief/Loss, Isolation

Pre-baby, Mother’s Day was a day that I dreaded, as I grieved the loss of my mother.

Then, when I had my Hartley, it became VERY hard, as I grieved my mom even more that day, because it was compounded by grieving the additional loss of what would have been a grandmother to Hartley💔.

Enter Rob, my amazingly kind and intuitive husband, and my own father, who planned my first Mother’s Day together.

Rob made me chalk board signs reminding me what a good mother I was and they cooked me my favorite GF/DF haunts.

I never felt more loved or appreciated. And I’m pretty sure Toby the wonder-dog had us all in stitches because he ate all of my special organic sausage😂. #Typical

My first Mother’s Day in 2015 was ALSO a day when my heart-centered passion was ignited and I decided that I would commit my energy to helping other moms, when the timing was right for me, of course.

I remember crying happy tears with Rob that evening as we pushed Hart in her stroller and being SO thankful for him, my sweet baby Hartley, and my dad and little brother, but also still feeling an inkling of sadness.

At that moment, as those tears streamed down my face, Rob exclaimed: “That!!! This is why you are building Kindred Mothers. To help other moms when they are feeling like this!”❤️

And that was how Kindred Mother’s has been built over the past 5 years with my girl and bad a$$ spin instructor, Karli Sherman!!!

This remains my take on finding the light in the situation, with the inspiration and championing of my husband, BUT the most visceral part was reclaiming my own light.

I know that I have said it before, but all human beings carry “stuff”, and everyone’s problems are big to them, as no one has ever walked in another’s shoes to experience their pain.

This being said, with COVID-19, and the innate isolation it brings, I hope that we can all remember that NO ONE is ever truly alone.

Mister Roger’s mama said it best “Look for the helpers”❤️

Kindred Mothers is here for all mamas during this time, and if we cannot provide what is needed, it will be our mission to find someone that can help.❤️

Some words of wisdom for all mamas, new and old.

Words of wisdom: ❤️Do something for YOU It looks different for each person; some mamas like to put on makeup each day, some like to read or go for a walk…some even like to clean/organize something. Just ONE small thing COMPLETED, a small window of time spent doing something only YOU want to do can make you feel human again ❤️Keep the lines of communication open with your partner; let them know how they can help, schedule breaks for yourself, and be honest about how you’re feeling ❤️Date your partner! Make a weekly date night for yourselves where you sit at the table, just you two! It can be coffee, a snack, or a full on meal! Just honor that time together! ❤️Cliche ALERT, but oh, SO vital: REST as much as you can. It took 9 months to grow this baby, hours of labor to bring them into your arms and it will take your body about a FULL year to heal (maybe even longer)! ❤️Be good to yourself, always: YOU are amazing❤️ YOU are doing enough❤️ YOU matter❤️ ❤️Self-care is NOT selfish; it’s similar to being on a plane and in an emergency, the flight crew instructs us to put on our OWN oxygen mask on first before assisting others. By taking care of yourself, you are serving as a role model for your child to practice self-love. ❤️You deserve the world, mama

Please share any inspiring stories with me either here or directly!

I would love to hear from you❤️

I see you and I honor you❤️ Happy Mother’s Day, mamas! We are a force💐

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